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Company Press Release

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CollegeBall LLC ( Announces Platform Launch announces the launch of an innovative Web3 blockchain platform that allows fans of college sports to interact with their favorite college athletes in the virtual and real worlds

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan – 3/31/2022 – announces the launch of our innovative Web3 NFT (non-fungible token) based college sports fan interaction platform that lives on the Polygon( blockchain.

The CollegeBall platform was created to allow fans to interact with their favorite college athletes while providing those same athletes an income now allowed by the recently passed NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) laws and rules by the NCAA and various states.

The CollegeBall platform consists of interaction points in the Web3 metaverse where fans can interact with their favorite athletes from their favorite college teams using their purchased NFTs as keys to the various benefits online and in real world events. Fans can chat with players on Discord( and participate in group events on Twitter Spaces and podcasts as well. Certain NFTs based on unique rarity traits may serve multiple purposes. Aside from having a potential higher associated $ value on the blockchain, certain tokens may allow owners to talk directly with athletes as well as having special events memorialized in personal videos or phone calls. Other benefits for the CollegeBall NFT community may include access to real world benefits like tailgates before games, signed memorabilia, tickets, and golf outings.

CollegeBall shares a large portion of all revenue with the partner athletes allowing these student-athletes to benefit from their involvement.

CollegeBall NFTs will be available for sale in the various “drops”* for the schools that are associated with the partner athletes. The NFTs will live and be traded on the Polygon blockchain. Polygon is not only one of the most popular blockchains but is most notably recognized for its technical acuity and ability to manage sophisticated transaction/contracts based blockchains with high reliability.

CollegeBall is a company formed by alumni, technology experts and financial markets professionals. 

*”drops” – a term used to reflect a specific release date and time for a particular batch of NFT’s to be sold in an open market place on a first come first serve basis.


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