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NFT and Platform Utilities

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CollegeBall Utilities for Phase One Announced

The NFT collections will offer many utilities and benefits for their owners. The levels of utility and benefits will be determined by both the rarity level of an NFT as well as the number of NFTs an owner has in his/her wallet. Exact rules and benefits will be clearly published once everything has been announced. Benefits will only be available to current holders of NFTs unless otherwise specifically stated. Some benefits will be permanently attached to NFTs and some will be limited time benefits.

These utilities could include:

  • Access to our online communities such as specific Discord channels or other special online events
  • Access to live audio chat or video chat with some of your favorite superstar athletes from your favorite schools
  • Tickets to real games
  • Admission to live events such as meetups, cookouts or other fun activities
  • 1 on 1 calls with athletes
  • Signed memorabilia such as autographed photos, sporting balls, t-shirts, etc.
  • More will be announced at a later time

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