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Note: These are sample images only and do not predict exactly what NFT one will receive. All images Copyrighted CollegeBall LLC.

nft's with varying benefits based on rarity

NFT’s give owners specific rights to varying benefits. Benefits may last for only a specific timeframe. The following is a list of planned potential benefits.


Special Unique Artwork for Your NFT


Signed Merchandise and Autographs


Admission to special online events and/or communities


Special access to live events and player sessions Roadmap

NFTs from your favorite teams and players: Player online  interaction hubs on Discord and Twitter, real world memorabilia and live events

Many more teams come on board the platform with increased access to real world utility and special events. Get rewarded for the performance of your NFTs based how your teams and players do in the real world. 3D NFTs.

Play online sports games using the NFTs you hold in your wallet with access to the Metaverse


I am a Tar Heel women's lacrosse athlete and I love being involved with
Jamie Ortega
UNC Women's Lacrosse Star


April UNC Lacrosse Drop

* Exact pricing will be in Polygon MATIC coin determined by the current market price

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